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Secure Managed Hosting: 3 words that say it all.

When you think about hosting your next website, whether Magento, Drupal or WordPress, remember these three words.


Because security is paramount, we detect and prevent intrusion, we manage the firewall and make sure security is updated. We live and breathe security.
Of course, security of your back-up is just as important. We plan for the worst, which is why it is protected on a different network, so you can restore with ease.


Because our planning integrates hosting with your development, we scope out the server’s resources and capacity, and through infrastructure as code we deliver right-first-time solutions, time after time. Ongoing dialogue and planning are key. Your business requirements may change very quickly, with marketing campaigns for example, and your hosting must be able to support this. Planning ahead never stops.


Many business models depend on the highest quality hosting. We deliver the most valuable cargoes: the client’s website, delivered to its market, across the Internet. We use the best technology to make the delivery safe, secure and fast. When our client wants to speak to us, they just pick up the phone.

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