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Scalable Web Application Stack

With the HA247 Scalable Web Application Stack, enjoy the freedom! Make your marketing campaigns and growth plans as ambitious as you like. Instantly bring perfectly configured additional server capacity online when you need it. Deliver a consistently high user experience for your customers, no matter what happens to your traffic volume.

This hosting configuration makes it quick and easy to add additional server capacity on demand. Managed Services, using Puppet, configuration management eliminates any risks of misconfiguration as new server capacity is added. The clustered database model ensures that website interactions remain fast even as additional servers are activated.

Each project is bespoke and involves working closely with your development team to achieve the perfect architecture for your needs. Prices will be confirmed before implementation. To give you an idea, a typical three server solution will start at £1850 per month.

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High Availability (Replicated Services)

Percona XtraDB Cluster

GlusterFS File replication

HA247 Load Balancer

Automatic security updates

Intrusion Detection & Prevention System

Advanced server performance monitoring

Managed Firewall

Ubuntu LTS

Fully Managed Server ( Maintained by our experts)

What you Get

24/7 Support and Managed Services

Call our expert support team and get the help you need whenever you need it.

Flexible Capacity

Rapid database replication and adaptive read/write access delivers maximum scalability.

Genuine HA

A scalable and replicated infrastructure with redundancy in mind, ensures a true HA solution.


Our specialists work closely with your development team to configure your ideal solution.

Clustered Database

Replicated storage provides load balancing and server capacity extension.

Configuration Management

Puppet configuration management ensures that additional servers are always perfectly configured

Scalable Web Application Stack


  • CPU - Intel Xeon E5-2420v2 2.20GHz (Hex Core)
  • Memory - 32GB RDIMM, 1600MHz
  • Disk - 1TB Near-Line SAS
  • Operating System - Ubuntu 14.04 (Lts)
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