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Google Chrome moves to flag NOT SECURE websites

Published by Nick Fox

Google Chrome moves to flag NOT SECURE websites

Websites which have fields for passwords or credit card information will show this warning on the pages inviting data input if they are not served over secure connections (HTTP)!

To date, Google Chrome has not explicitly labelled HTTP connections as non-secure. But this is changing. As from this month Google Chrome is going to deliver a warning that a website is NOT SECURE if it has fields for passwords or bank / credit card details, and does NOT have the HTTPS mark. This is just the beginning. Chrome will mark ALL HTTP websites as NOT SECURE in the future.

When you load an ordinary website over HTTP, someone else on the network can look at or modify the site before it gets to you, and any data you put in is not encrypted, making it insecure. Compare this to HTTPS: the information traveling between a user and an HTTPS website is encrypted and secure. Nobody can read, or “sniff” the data, so passwords and credit card information is protected.

We therefore advise our Clients to ensure their websites are certificated secure by installing an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate, so data is encrypted, your website will display the HTTPS secure marker, and importantly, Chrome will NOT flash up “Not Secure” if you have password or credit card fields.

HA247 can undertake this work. This involves the purchase, installation, configuration, and testing of the SSL certificate. This full service ensures the Certificate, Protocol Support, Key Exchange & Cipher Strength, meet the current requirements giving your site an “A” rating for its security and ensuring you’re not vulnerable to exploits such as Heartbleed.

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