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Secure Managed Hosting


  • Intrusion Detection & Prevention
  • Managed Firewall
  • Security updates

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The service we deliver to Clients is a combination of the best Internet technologies, the best Internet technicians and our commitment to the best service. At the heart of this approach is our belief that our Clients are buying the optimum hosting service, so everything we do aims to fulfil this promise.

Security has been central to our thinking since we started the business in 2008. It has driven our development of technology, monitoring and systems. As an ISO27001 certified hosting provider we offer a range of secure managed hosting and make GDPR compliant hosting available to our Clients.

Why choose HA247?

Security & Safety

HA247 is ISO27001 certified and we offer GDPR compliant hosting. We are UK based and use ISO27001 datacenters. Our service includes multiple layers of server monitoring and host based intrusion detection and prevention systems as standard.


HA247 technicians are among the best in the UK, and our Clients have direct access to them through our fully managed service. A DevOps resource when required ensures that development and hosting are on the same page.


We provide the infrastructure the Client requires, so we will scale into what they need as they grow.


By utilising Infrastructure-as-Code we can ensure known working configuration is enforced on servers whilst reducing manual changes.


We offer the best, reliable and high capacity network services, using the highest standard technologies. These are carefully monitored in a multi-tier environment to ensure the best stability, security, speed and uptime.

True High Availability

This technology is an insurance against hardware failure. Automated failover from the Client's dedicated server to a replication server ensures downtime measured in seconds, with no data loss.

Help at the End of a Phone

Our monitoring alerts us to server performance issues and duty engineers are on call to restore the hosting systems we control. We operate a management ticketing system but our Clients can ring us and speak to an experienced technician. If we are asked for help beyond our core responsibilities, and if work is likely to attract a charge, we will let the Client know so they can decide if they want us to work on the issue.


In addition to data replicating in real-time, we back up daily to a geographically separate datacenter and keep the data for thirty days by default. Longer periods are available at a small charge. We use secure backup algorithms and do not over-write the previous day’s data. If you need help to restore files our technicians are available to advise or assist.

HA247 is a British company and a trading name of Rethink IT Limited, incorporated in 2008 and wholly-owned and managed by its Directors.


The Management Team

Esmond Hastings
Managing Director

With a background in media and marketing. He owned a successful Marketing business for 20 years, before selling in 2008. Believes in a focus on end user benefit, targeted product development and service. Esmond believes that the client is the most important person in any business.

Nick Fox
Technical Director

Technologically energetic and with an eye on keeping things simple in a complex world. Nick believes good service simply means avoiding headaches for clients. He has carried forward this belief through our entire range of hosting solutions. Nick will help you to solve the impossible.

Ian Gill
Commercial Director

His background is in marketing and as an IT business entrepreneur. Co-founded a successful IT security company which was sold, before bringing his marketing and business development skills to several specialist IT companies. Ian brings strategic-thinking and the capability to understand what businesses actually need from Internet technology.

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