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Secure Managed Hosting


  • Intrusion Detection & Prevention
  • Managed Firewall
  • Security updates

We are committed to
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By combining technology, technicians and a commitment to specialised support, we optimise your hosting and internet security for truly top-quality results.

This works for you or any of your clients: the businesses that are big, ambitious, or have barely begun their commercial journey. There’s no limit to where we can go, or what we can do, to enhance your online performance. That’s been our mandate since 2008, and we’ve only gotten better at it.

What makes us special?

Security and safety

The latest data laws inform what we accomplish day in, day out, which is why HA247 are ISO 27001 certified and GDPR compliant. Our secure services are backed by multiple layers of server monitoring, to identify issues before they become a problem, and to keep you safe.

Regular backups

A cornerstone of our service is to hold data for 30 days in a separate information hub, using secure algorithms and never overwriting data from the previous day. Longer backup periods are available on request, and restoration is as easy as flicking a switch.

Complete scalability

Whether you’re an ever-evolving startup or SME, or you’re working on behalf of a main player in any given industry, we’re able to scale with demand. There is no one fixed, rigid package.

Rapid and reliable networks

Our team offer the best, high-capacity network services that stay in tune with the latest technology. Multi-tier environments aren’t a problem, and we work hard to eliminate sluggishness and downtime.

True High Availability

In the unlikely event that there’s a problem, we minimise downtime thanks to our true high-availability system, which pass operations over to a replication server. No stress, no data loss.

We’re just a call away

You’ll never have to wait hours for a response from us. Remote monitoring means we know exactly when to step in with support and maintenance. And if you want to speak to an experienced technician, you can – communication is important, and it should be simple.

A constant source of expertise

Every one of our clients can readily speak to our technicians for expertise and help. We can advise on effective hosting and infrastructure solutions, whatever the CMS. Working between web developers and Amazon, our AWS support brings clarity to the complicated.

Impeccable delivery

We code efficiencies into your digital infrastructure so nothing is left to chance. It gives us – and you – more control over the hosting and security measures we implement and manage.

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