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Websites and e-commerce stores have to be permanently available, so second best hosting is not an option. Welcome to the UK hosting partner that puts your business needs first.

At HA247 we ask more questions, better understand your plans, and more closely monitor server performance - so you’re always on the ideal hosting solution. Technology, expertise and exceptional service blend to deliver the hosting support you expect and your customers deserve. True High Availability hosting services that are only housed in UK or European data centres.


It's how you imagine good web hosting

Human Support

Call us any time. You’ll get through to a real person with the skills and determination to answer your question or to solve your issue - fast.

Simple, ‘no-strings’ contracts

Our customers stay with us because they want to, not because they’re bound by long-term contracts.

Genuine High Availability

Replicated servers switch over in seconds, probably before you knew anything happened.

Planned Business Support

Put server capacity into your business plans. Never sink money into campaigns your servers can’t handle.

Fully Managed Migration

Why put up with second-rate, unresponsive web hosting? Let the HA247 team migrate your sites to the hosting service you and your customers deserve.

Advanced Monitoring

Clear graphical presentation of server performance data to quantify the impact of traffic spikes, avert slowdowns and identify when upgrades are needed.

24/7 Support

You can be confident that there’s a technical expert available 24/7.


Before we think about any solutions we listen to what you want to achieve, helping to shape your vision and explore the possibilities.


With HA247, switching is easy - call us today.

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