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Different, better.
So let’s talk about you.

Different, better. So let’s talk about you.

Yes, we’re good at what we do, but Clients love us because we actually give a damn. We’re there for them; to talk, advise and help if it’s needed, when it's needed.

Your plans are our plans.

This is what Clients want from their hosting partner: a relationship, and this is why everything we do is designed to deliver consistently high standards of service.

Welcome to transparency, and competent people who help.

HA247 Technical Director Nick Fox (right) at the Open Source Summit, Prague, October 2017. Photo courtesy the Linux Foundation.

What you’ll get from HA247

  • Consultation, dialogue, advice, understanding

    We always said hosting needed to change. It should be closely integrated with the development process, and we’ve led the way.

    Each HA247 Client relationship is consultative from the start. This way we advise on the best hosting solutions, recognising that the goal posts often move, and planning ahead. When our developer Client wins a new project with different demands, whether in the development cycle or in the hosting required, we are there. When new development or hosting technologies become available presenting new opportunities and methodologies, we are there. HA247, plus our Client, equals the team.

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  • High-end technical know-how

    The team has technical strength in depth, so we can advise on solutions which are right for today, with one eye on the solutions of tomorrow. Internet technology and regulation, both for developers and hosting providers, is changing at a ferocious pace. This needn’t be a stress point for our Clients, as we review available technology and regulation such as GDPR, move towards it and adopt it as and where appropriate.

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  • The phone answered. The ticket owned

    The telephone is probably the most important piece of hardware in the whole HA247 service. It is in the front line of our service because it enables Clients to reach the technical heart of the organisation quickly, if and when they need to talk to a specialist. Clients can email and online chat, and also have access to our Zendesk ticketing system. But the phone means they can talk about what they need, or what is bothering them, and the ticket becomes just good housekeeping.

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  • Simple charging: kit + service = cost

    When we quote for a hosting service, the quotation will simply comprise a charge for the equipment required, plus the charge for us to deliver our services. When we are providing advice and consultancy services without server equipment, the quotation will only be for services. The same simple rule applies to our invoices. We outline what the Client has bought that month, and we show the charge. We do not complicate the issue with showing discounted services, or what we are not charging for.

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  • A shared sense of urgency

    We understand our Clients put a lot of faith in us. It’s well founded, because we do take great care to deliver a top quality service involving a lot of interwoven, complex technologies. But we are not complacent. When something looks like it’s gone wrong, we won’t just say: “there’s nothing wrong with the server, so it’s not our issue...”. We work hard to get to the bottom of it, and help to put it right where we can.

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  • The right hosting solution, delivered

    Most of our hosting solutions are based on one of our three core configurations: secure managed HA server, secure dedicated server with control panel, or the HA247 secure private cloud. Security has always been paramount at HA247, and these high standards apply to each configuration as well as the backup servers which are in a separate datacenter. When a Client decides to move to HA247 we can handle the entire migration process, or supply just the help that’s required.

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How to start the relationship: the 8 point plan

1 We talk with you about what you need; today and looking forwards.
2 If possible, we’ll meet up.
3 We discuss the technical options, budget and timeframe.
4 We agree a suitable service and server package.
5 We set a start date and send you a contract.
6 If you need a Dev server too, we’ll set it up for you.
7 We follow the agreed migration road map.
8 We take charge of your project, and host it like it should be hosted.

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The 3 ingredients in the relationship

The best relationships are based on communication, respect, and let’s not forget empathy. And these three things underpin all our Client relationships.

  • Communication

    Listening, then discussing the server solutions, understanding what must be, and what needs to be flexible.

  • Respect

    The Client soon recognises that our recommendations are based upon industry-leading thinking and experience.

  • Empathy

    Bit of a funny one, but ask our Clients, and you will sense something beyond a business relationship, a warmth that comes from trust.

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